Educational and methodical department

  • Head of educational-methodological Department – Naumova Elena G.

    Educational-methodical Department is a structural subdivision of the state educational INSTITUTION "Institute of training of scientific personnel, national Academy of Sciences of Belarus" ensuring the planning, organization, management and control of the educational process, as well as coordination of the educational work of the departments of the Institute.

    The main tasks of EMA are:
    - coordination of interaction of structural subdivisions of the Institute to ensure optimal use of all resources, necessary for stable functioning of the educational process;
    - development of training-regulatory and educational and organizational documents, regulating the organization and ensuring educational process in the Institute;
    - coordination of the implementation of educational activities in the Institute in accordance with the schedule of educational process;
    - organization of educational process on preparation, retraining and advanced training at the Institute in accordance with the curricula and training programmes within the competence of the EMA;
    - ensuring the effective functioning of the quality management system of educational activities of the Institute;
    - monitoring educational activities and scientific-methodical work of the academic departments of the Institute.

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