Foreign residents and persons without Belarusian citizenship permanently residing on the territory of foreign states, as well as citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and foreign residents and stateless persons temporarily staying or temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus enrolling in the Master's program of the Graduate School of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are to submit the following documents:


1. An application addressed to the Rector of the Graduate school (on a prescribed form);

2. A copy of the higher education diploma equivalent to a corresponding Belarusian diploma, indicating the disciplines studied and the grades (marks) received on them,  which  is certified by the admission committee (if the original document is available) or a copy of higher education diploma and diploma transcript, which are certified by the admission committee (if the original documents are available);

3. Documents confirming Belarusian nationality (for Belarusians who are citizens of foreign countries or stateless persons);

4. The conclusion of the medical consultative commission issued by the territorial public health organization of the Republic of Belarus;

5. The medical examination report and a certificate of the HIV-negative status of the applicant issued by the official public health authority of the country of residence;

6. A copy of passport or other  ID, certified as required by law;

7. 4 photos in size 3x4 cm


Attached to the documents executed in a foreign language, is their translation into Belarusian or Russian, certified by a notary.

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